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Made in both the French crêpe tradition, and American flat griddle tradition, but better. With 4mm steel this is the thickest pan in the range, allowing for very even heating.

Solidteknics pans are one seamless piece, which means no warping and no handles falling off. True heirloom pans, these will be ones you can hand down through the generations.

Solidteknics was developed by food-loving mechanical engineer MJ Henry for centuries of performance for pro chefs and serious home cooks. Built on the premise that there are enough people like us who are tired of the waste and damage of the disposable consumer world, and are willing to think before they buy, Solidteknics products are made to last. With a multi century warrantee, these guys stand behind their product and their word.

Discounts are offered when buying 3 or more pieces in the Solidteknics range – please email with enquiry before making purchase.

A few things to know about cooking with low carbon steel: Carbon steel is half the weight of cast-iron but cooks and seasons the same. Both cast-iron and steel, take a bit more love and care than your regular teflon coated non-stick pans, but the results are worth it. They conduct heat beautifully, work on any heat source – from induction to electric, gas, bbq, and fire pits – go from stovetop to oven with no problem and last for decades. But they must be seasoned properly to get the full benefits – they improve with age. The more you cook in your pans, the stronger the seasoning gets and the more non-stick your pan. For full seasoning instructions visit  the makers website at